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There are two kinds of income.

The first is “Linear Income.”

We make linear income when we work an hour for a predetermined rate of pay…

Or when we take a single trade and make our expected profit…

Linear income is made when you take an action and receive a one-time payout for that action.

Which means you have to keep doing stuff to keep making money.

So the more money you want to make, the more stuff you have to do… And let’s face it, that sucks. Because there are only 24 hours in a day, no matter what you do, so when you’re working in a linear income model, your earnings will always be limited.

The second kind of income is Residual or “Effortless” income.

Most people think of residual income as the money authors make from ongoing booksales, or actors make from reruns of their hit movies and tv shows…

But what residual income really means is that you only have to take a small, limited action to produce repeating income.

So, instead of working one hour for one hour’s pay, you spend that hour making something that you can sell to make that same hour’s-worth of pay from every sale you

But that still means you’re making something: putting time and effort you just don’t have into creating. Because you still need to make a living while you’re building wealth.

So How Do You Get To Residual Income And Effortless Wealth Building?

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So, instead of spending hours researching the market and calculating your positions, you only spend seconds copying and pasting all the levels you need…

Because they are precalculated and confirmed for you by 120 integrated algorithms and filtered by an actual Artificial Intelligence program that learns…


Which means that you spend less than 5 minutes per trade and can walk away.

No math, no complicated indicators, and far fewer losses than you’ve ever experienced.

Which means you can keep rolling your profits back into the market in only seconds to receive bigger and bigger returns.

It’s like Ben Franklin said…

“Money makes money. And the money that money makes, makes money.”

That is how you create effortless, residual wealth in just minutes per day.

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