How to generate $28,368 in the next 30 Days – 27 Minute Set Up

Does that possibility scare you or excite you?

What if I told you it was REALLY possible FOR EVEN YOU to generate $28,368 or more in the next 30 days, even from a standing start? And you could get started in 27 minutes.

You’d think I was crazy, wouldn’t you?

Now don’t get me wrong, to make $28,368 or more in the next 30 days would be an exceptional result that would require work, work that most people won’t do as they want money to fall from the sky for doing nothing …

… but IT IS POSSIBLE to generate $28,368 over the next 30 days …

  • With no list.
  • No Website.
  • And no experience.


You should be, and all will be revealed in John’s most groundbreaking presentation ever that he is holding.

This is brand-new content that has never been revealed and I do hope you can join him, I promise you won’t regret it.

Here are the details you need if you want to find out more.


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